Havas Impact+ gets a makeover!

Havas Impact+ gets a makeover!

When we celebrated the first anniversary of Havas Impact+ in October 2021, we unveiled its new “eco-branded” identity. Eco-branding means creating a brand identity with three complementary objectives: reducing environmental impact while maintaining visual impact, which also lowers production costs.

We’ve evolved Havas Impact+’s visual identity to reduce its digital footprint: “less is more”.

Each of the three pillars – Environment, People and Meaningful Communication – are represented by a gradient of colours designed to be more economical. As for the illustrations, they are simple and minimalist, limiting the printing surface while maximising digital weight.

Finally, the typography used was chosen specifically for its inter-lettering and its reduced font size to save space.

Eco-branding shows us that small changes can have a big impact. It is with this philosophy that Havas will design new visual identities for our clients to help create responsible brands.