Reducing our carbon footprint

Reducing our emissions

Strategy aligned with the Paris Agreements

Committed to the environment, the first step in the Group’s strategy is to drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, we have launched a bold climate strategy aimed at reducing these emissions by more than 60% by 2025. From 2025 onwards, Havas has set itself the objective of contributing to a global net zero carbon strategy by adopting an approach aligned with the Paris Agreements.


Our objectives (2019-2024) for this strategy are:

  • A 5% decrease in electricity consumption
  • Shift to 25% supply of renewable energy
  • A 20% decrease in non-hazardous waste generation
  • Shift to 100% use of recycled and/or certified paper (from sustainable forests)
  • A 40% decrease in paper consumption
  • Making sure 100% of our agencies have recycling programmes in place

We can achieve these objectives by:

  • Reducing our non-essential travel and compensating our flight GHG emissions when possible
  • Scouting renewable energy solutions for our agencies
  • Increasing energy efficiency programmes in our villages
  • Implementing recycling systems in our agencies
  • Setting up plans to reduce paper use and increase document digitalisation
  • Reducing single-use plastic use

Evolution of GHG Emissions