At Havas, people come first. Our ambition is to create a culture where diverse voices and perspectives are encouraged and respected, and where all employees are equally supported in developing their careers.

We commit to:

  • Promoting a harmonious and healthy working environment that supports employees’ growth and development.
  • Reinforcing socially responsible procurement policies in our supply chain.
  • Promoting transparency and ethics in our business.
Key figures

Our people-driven approach


In 2018 Havas created All In, our global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) programme, which focuses on a wide range of DE&I initiatives including ethnic and cultural representation, gender equality, LGBTQ+ inclusion, disability, wellness, age, and other topics. All In is an innovative approach to DE&I in that it’s not the typical top-down approach, but rather is focused on engaging all levels of the organisation. We take a “local” approach to setting DE&I strategy as we respect that areas of focus vary greatly by country, culture, and agency. Last year, All In launched 100 actions in 39 agencies and villages.

However, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, programming shifted to initiatives like providing flexible time and even childcare programming for caregivers, leveraging mental health professionals for internal support, and celebrating Pride and Black History Month online through virtual learning and entertainment experiences.

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Mental wellness

Mental health is a fundamental part to living a healthy and fulfilled life. The unprecedented times we’ve been through since the beginning of the pandemic have intensified our daily stress in our industry. Increased screen time, a blurred line between work and personal life, serving clients remotely, adapting quickly to new challenges…. all this has been a strain on mental health more than ever. At Havas we decided to offer programmes that support employee wellness. The programming includes 4 areas of focus, with initiatives and commitments that have begun recently and continue.

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Our commitment to operate as a transparent and ethical business and fulfil the expectations of our stakeholders, is based on the Havas Group Code of Ethics, as well as our Compliance and Anti-Corruption Programmes.

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Responsible Supply Chain

Our commitment to maintain a responsible supply chain is anchored by our Group policies to both highlight our engagement to a responsible supplier programme and to answer to our clients CSR evaluations needs.

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Our 2021 People Key Figures

Total headcount

19 900 +

Headcount by gender

Of female managers

Headcount by age

36 years old
average age

Headcount by division

Headcount by geographical zone


of total headcount received training
159 319
training hours provided
of collaborators trained on anti-corruption

Gender equality index for top entities in France

Havas Paris
Havas SA
BETC Digital
Havas Media France