The Letters Of Every Possible

March was a busy month for Mercedes Erra! It started with her organising an event to celebrate IWD at the Expo 2020 Dubai, asking participants from all the Pavilions of every country represented at the Expo to share letters they would write to newborn baby girls. That’s how The Letters of Every Possible started.

This beautiful idea was a success and was extended to everyone at Havas. The idea was simple: write a letter to a baby girl (real or imaginary) to give advice, observations, messages of hope and encouragement, or anything else you want to share with these future citizens of the world, to help them keep moving forward in life and to encourage them to advance the cause of women, driven by a common goal: a humanity whole and equal.

In this video, French actress Julie Gayet reads the letter that Mercedes Erra wrote to her granddaughter Nùria.